40 fun facts about egypt

Egypt, officially the Arab Republic of Egypt, is a country in Northeast corner of Africa. View of Mohammad Ali Mosque, Cairo, Egypt. 9. These mummies have been found near Tuna el-Gebel. He had eight official wives and nearly 100 concubines. 28. The Beautiful House is the name of the house or tent where mummification took place in ancient Egypt. While desert landscapes likely come to mind when you think of Egypt, you might be surprised to learn that some of the best beaches in the world are located on the countrys Sinai Peninsula, particularly in the southern area of the peninsula. Egypt is famous for its ancient civilisation. Here are some amazing facts about this ancient world. It means great house because everyone believed the kings. Northern Egypt has wide valleys near the Nile, and desert to the east and west. Contrary to popular belief, Cleopatra was actually Greek, not Egyptian or African. Hieroglyphs were used only for ritual purposes and official inscriptions. The Great Pyramid (one of three collectively called the Great Pyramids of Giza), built in 2584 BC and located just outside of modern-day Cairo on the west bank of the River Nile, is the largest pyramid in the world and stands at 147 meters (481.4 feet). The formal name of Egypt is the Arab Republic of Egypt. April 6, 2011. Organs were stored in canopic jars, each jar representing a. The ancient Egyptians worshipped more than 1,000 different gods and goddesses. Well, gang, so did the Ancient Egyptians! , which linked the Mediterranean Sea with the Red Sea and greatly shortened the sailing trip from Asia to Europe. Safety . 50. A popular tourist destination, the site is noted for its temples and palaces at Karnak and Luxor, and the necropolises of the Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Queens. Source: UNESCO, 27. 62. 1. You will receive our UK newsletter. Meet My Daughter Facebook: How One Egyptian Father Is Commemorating the Part the Social Network Played in Revolution. Daily Mail. Name: Arab Republic of Egypt. Man pouring juice, Cairo, Egypt: Jackmalipan, Dreamstime. The population of Egypt is massive. Arabic is the official language of Egypt, and other languages known by some are English and French. Egypt is home to a wide variety of animals and plants, including cheetahs, hyenas, crocodiles and cobras. Egyptian Mythology A to Z. Unfortunately, the rich silt that normally fertilized the dry Egyptian land settled in Lake Nasser after the building of the dam, forcing farmers to use one million tons of artificial fertilizer every year. Work in Egypt. 25. Thanks for point me to it! They made these cosmetics from plants and minerals found in their natural environment. Check out these interesting facts about Ancient Egypt. 25 Facts About ANCIENT EGYPT | 25 FACTS Colossal Cranium 452K subscribers Subscribe 3.9M views 6 years ago The pyramids! 4) Both Egyptian men and women wore make-up. Egypt has a horizontally striped red, white and black flag with a gold hawk in the centre. Egypt is home to a wide variety of animals and plants, including jackals, gazelles, crocodiles, and cobras. 3) The Pyramid of Khufu at Giza is the largest Egyptian pyramid. But this was incompatible with the true solar year which so to solve this, the Egyptians added five extra days to the year. Source: Britannica, 28. Will scientific evidence unearth an ancient secret? From a mosaic of stunning and diverse landscapes to a vibrant history & culture, learn interesting Cameroon facts, surprising history, & fun trivia here. The most important. Until 2015, no Egyptian president had ever left office without dying or being arrested. The Great Pyramids of Giza. In ancient Egypt, pigeon mail was widespread. 3. The ancient Egyptians used the natural resources of the Nile River to their advantage. That's because the Egyptian hieroglyphs don't include any vowels. However, Isis was also the name of one of the most worshipped Egyptian gods. 2) The afterlife was incredibly important to the Egyptians. Cairo is also the largest city in the Middle East and the Arab World. Landslides, Flash floods, and droughts are some of the natural disasters that affect the people of Egypt. Here are some fun facts about Ancient Egypt. The three pyramids of Giza are guarded by a giant sphinx thought to be the representation of the son of Khufu, pharaoh Chephren (Khafre). They might look like simply triangular-shaped structures but theyre much more complicated! Bordered partly by the Mediterranean and Red Sea, Egypt borders Africa and the Middle East, sitting between the Gaza Strip, Israel, Libya and Sudan. 39. Table of Contents Egypt Facts Infographics Did Cleopatra really die from a snake bite? Egypt is the 15th country with the highest population in the world, with 99% of the country's people living on just 5.5% of the land. Only about an 2.5cm of rain falls throughout Egypt each year. The Egyptian calendar was invested more than a few thousand years before the Common Era. 3. We just returned from a fantastic month in the country and loved every, The mighty Nile has been the lifeblood of Egypt since the beginning of civilization, and visitors in modern times can cruise down it on the Steam Ship Sudan. ), Egypt was called Kemet or Black Land, which referred to the dark, rich soil of the Nile Valley. The most interesting facts about Egypt, from the most visited country in Africa to one of the worlds most iconic landmarks, Official name: Arab Republic of EgyptPopulation: 106,437,241Area: 1,001,450 sq kmCapital city: CairoMajor languages: Arabic, English, FrenchMajor religions: Islam Time zone: UTC+2 (Egypt Standard Time) Source: CIA World Fact Book, 1. Aswan high dam is the world's largest dam, built to contain the raging waters of the world's longest river, the Nile. Source: Al Jazeera, Reuters, 23. In ancient times, Egyptian children didnt start wearing clothing until after the age of six years, talk about one of the most interesting facts about Egypt! Share them in the comments below! Cairo, which also has the greatest population, is the country's . Here's some enlightening and fun facts about Egypt for you to discover 1. The bread that Egyptians once ate was so hard and course that it chipped at the teeth to the point of wearing them down. Pharaoh Pepi II allegedly would smear naked slaves with honey to attract, The shape of ancient Egyptian pyramids is thought to have been inspired by the spreading rays of the, The Egyptian flag is similar to the flags of. The gold hawk is the symbol of the Prophet Muhammads tribe. The ancient Egyptian calendar was a solar calendar with a 365-day year. Let's have a look at the Top 15 Interesting Facts about Ancient Egypt. 15. The Egyptian bread is special for it is made of barley, corn, or rice. The massive and modern capital city of Cairo is home to 10 million people but situated just beyond the bustling city streets are some of the ancient worlds most notable structures, The Great Pyramids and the Great Sphinx. Today, Egypt thrives on tourism with millions of visitors every year who come for the history, the cultural experiences and the world-class attractions. Ancient Egyptians believed they were made from clay on a potters wheel by the river. 1. This pyramid has passageways that have yet to be explored and if it was cut up into 12-inch cubes, it would cover the moons surface. The ancient Egyptians were the first people to have a year consisting of 365 days divided into 12 months. It was the first calendar known to have a year of 365 days, nearly equal to the solar year. Much of the rest of the land is desert and can get very hot . Fly swatters made from giraffe tails were a popular fashion item in ancient Egypt. There are a lot of interesting facts surrounding the pyramids. He also had red hair, which was associated with the, For ancient Egyptians, bread was the most important food and, The ancient Egyptians had three different calendars: an everyday. Accessed: April 18, 2011. 42. Consenting to these technologies will allow us to process data such as browsing behaviour or unique IDs on this site. 4Egyptian Women Protesters Forced to Take Virginity Tests. BBC. Monaco has the worlds highest life expectancy at 89.73 years old. By 3000 B.C., a civilisation was established. Required fields are marked *. - Source: CIA World Fact Book 3. Tourism is also an important part of Egypts economy, with visitors flocking to see the famous ancient monuments and to enjoy the countrys beautiful beaches. We receive compensation if you make a purchase, but it won't cost you anything extra. The ancient Egyptians left paintings and carvings (which can still be seen today!) The Fertile Crescent covers a roughly crescent-shaped area of fertile land that includes parts of present-day Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Israel, Syria, Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Cyprus. Source: History Channel. The world's oldest D20 dice was found in Egypt. Senet was the most popular game and was played for more than 2,000 years but there were also Mehen and Dogs and Jackals. 36. had the longest reign in history94 years. The modern city of Cairo stands right up against the ancient pyramids of Giza. The earliest of the pyramids is built in the form of steps. The Faces of Egypts Revolution 2.0. CNN. Isis wrapped him in bandages and he came back to life as the, Mud was pushed under the mummys skin to pad it out. 1) Most Ancient Egyptian pyramids were built as tombs for pharaohs (rulers of Ancient Egypt) and their families. Accessed: April 24, 2011. The Nile is the second-longest river on earth, running 4,100 miles from Uganda to the Mediterranean Sea. Nearly 10 million people choose to live in Cairo! In ancient Egypt, concrete, high-heeled shoes, scallops, soap and even tooth powder were invented. Geb, the Goddess of the Earth. About 90 percent of Egyptians are Muslim, which means they are followers of theIslam religion. it went well, also i didnt find it funny tho. The country's population is estimated to be 90% Muslim (primarily Sunni) and various Christian denominations make up the remaining 10%. Children are also expected to look after their parents in their old age. In 1882, Britain took control of Egypt after defeating the Egyptian army before making Egypt a British protectorate in 1914. There are more than 9.7 million denizens in the city, and that's just based on 2019 figures. The clear waters of the Red Sea make it one of the best scuba diving destinations on earth. It is bordered by the Gaza Strip and Israel to the northeast, the Gulf of Aqaba to the east, the Red Sea to the east and south, Sudan to the south, and Libya to the west. According to the beliefs of the ancient Egyptians, the king's soul ascended along the sun rays to the sun god. With over 1.6 billion Muslims around the world, Islam is the second most popular religion. February 21, 2011. The British stayed until Egypt declared independence in 1952. 10) The Ancient Egyptians invented lots of things we still use today, such as paper, pens, locks and keys and believe it or not toothpaste! Don't have time right now to read 67 interesting facts about Egypt? 41. The last native dynasty fell to the Persians in 341 B.C. This puts strain on Egypts resources, since most people live in a narrow strip of land along the Nile River. The first signs of human activity date back to around 4,500 BCE. 13 Remarkable Facts about Mount Kilimanjaro, 13 Fun Facts about the Atlas Mountains, 13 Sensational Facts about The Serengeti, #ThrowbackThursday: The River Ganges A Sacred Place for Spiritual Cleansing. The UNESCO-listed city of Thebes was the capital of Egypt during much of Ancient Egypt. Other common calamities in Egypt include Sandstorms, duststorms, and windstorms, also known as Khamsin. 6. just saying there is lots of misspelling errors. The Red Sea borders Egypts east coast for 750 miles and has been designated a nature reserve for millions of species including coral reefs. Children are highly valued in Egypt, especially in rural areas where they help on family farms. 37. I admit, the latter is probably not one of the most surprising Egypt interesting facts. They were well fed and looked after because their, The oldest recorded standard of weight is the. A Great and Old Pyramid Great Pyramid of Giza is around 4,500 years old - one of the craziest facts about Egypt! They were trained to catch bad guys! The great pyramid is big enough to cover the moon up to three times if it was chopped into 12 cubes. These kings built huge pyramids, temples and other impressive monuments. Earlier in ancient Egyptian history, when a pharaoh died, it was common practice to have their live servants buried with them so they could continue to serve their master in the afterlife.